Proprietor Dave and the management representatives of the Welton Management & Members Association. It was their innovative idea which led to the formation of the Association 18 months ago, after the old Committee was disbanded. 

The Association is run in an informal manner and has proved to be a resounding success, with a small group each having a responsible role within the Association.

We meet every month on an informal basis, and this has proved to be very productive with a proactive approach, with all Association members able to discuss the agenda in a friendly and relaxed manner. This has proved to be very successful, with everybody working as a close team throughout the season, allowing actions to be taken quickly and effectively with decisions made at the appropriate time, without any red tape or unnecessary delays. 

The association is working closely with both the Seniors section and the Ladies section to create a stronger, more integrated relationship between the sections within the club. We are also hosting monthly social evenings that consist of quiz nights, fun race nights and karaoke to name just a few. 

Members are encouraged to primarily email Paige, about any matters of concern or to raise any queries, so that she can respond as quickly and efficiently as possible, often without the need to wait until the next Association meeting.

This concept has created a healthy and friendly interaction between the management and members, giving the members the opportunity to approach anybody from the Association at any time, with the objective of a quicker and more concise response than going through a formal committee. 

We believe this is the best and most progressive way forward for the club and members, to continue to improve the facilities and ambiance within the club, encouraging more members to enter competitions and want to represent the club as a team player, whilst encouraging new members to join a friendly, welcoming and proactive club, that is able to be financially sustainable for many years to come despite the difficult financial climate that currently prevails. 

The members all receive from the club via emails an informative report following the monthly meetings, with regular updates sent out in between. 

If you require information or wish to make any enquiries or raise any important matters, regarding Welton Manor Golf Centre, please do not hesitate to contact any of the management team, either Dave, Hayley or Jamie on 01673 861888 or via email at