Seniors Committee


Seniors Captain – Dennis Loome – 07958049925

Len Franklin – Competition Secretary – 07810767276

Alan Pretty – Chairman – 07810431912

Keith Wood – Treasurer 

hairman’s Welcome:

Hello, my name is Alan Pretty and I’m the Chairman of the Seniors Section here at Welton Manor Golf Club. I’m one of 60plus Senior Members whose handicaps range from 7 to 37. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or a beginner you’ll receive a warm welcome from a group of individuals who just love playing golf, so welcome to our website.

The  Seniors Section like most golf clubs is a sub section of Welton Manor Golf Club and is established to provide competitions and social events for members of Welton Manor Golf Club who are aged 55 years or older.

This website has 5 pages which can be accessed by clicking the name in the above menu, or if using a mobile device, by clicking  the menu button in the top right hand corner to access the same menu. The website is designed to provide members with updates and news about what is happening in the Section, our weekly competition draw and previous winners, and news of Friendly Matches and Team Selection. It also includes details of Committee Members and a list of Seniors Members Contact Details. As the “Members” page contains personal details the page is password protected for Members access only.

The Seniors Section has it’s competition days on a Wednesday morning and has a full programme of friendly matches which are played at home and away throughout the summer.

This Website is administered by the Seniors Section Committee under its own Rules and Regulations, a copy of which is set out in the Seniors Journal which can be accessed via the “members” page. As a Committee we are always pleased to receive your feedback and we welcome your views and comments on the running of the Section. Please free to contact me on 01522 752106 or 07810 431912  if you wish to know more information.


Welton Manor Senior’s Constitution and Committee Responsibilities Constitution Roles of Committee Members The following is a list of the main roles of the members of the Senior’s Section Committee. 


1. To ensure the committee meetings are conducted within the guidelines of the Senior’s Constitution at all times. 
2. To ensure the proceedings are conducted in an orderly and proper fashion, with consideration being given to the views of all members present. 
3. To ensure that all agenda items are covered fully. 
4. To encourage all members to participate in decision making proposals. 
5. To be totally impartial and independent, giving no bias to voting members on any discussions being held. 
6. To guide debates to a natural conclusion and if and where required prompt members to put forward proposals to be voted on. 
7. To hold the casting vote if member’s votes are equally divided on a proposal, with the Chairman’s vote being final. NOTE: The Chairman will only hold a vote on tied matters. 
8. To ensure that all ”other items of business” are covered. 
9. Bring meetings to a close and arrange a date for the next committee meeting. 
10. Ensure that the minutes of the meetings are recorded and published. 


1. Promote and support all golfing events and activities within the Senior Section. 
2. Chair regular Senior Section committee meetings. 
3. Chair the Senior section AGM. 
4. Represent the Senior Section as Captain at the main club committee meeting. 
5. Organise Captain’s Away Day event. 
6. Organise Captain’s Home Day event. 
7. Select team players for home and away friendly league matches. 
8. Host opponent team Captainson home friendly matches. 
9. Ensure the Vice Captain is available to deputize if he is unable to fulfil any of the above commitments. 
10. At the end of his term he is to host the End of Season presentation normally held after the December Turkey Trot event. 


1. Promote and supportall golfing events and activities within the Senior Section. 
2. Attend regular Senior Section committee meetings whenever possible. 
3. Deputize fornthe Captain when required. 
4. Assist the Captain when required. 


1. In consulation with the Captain set dates for committee meetings. 
2. Circulate agenda and supporting papers for the committee meetings 
3. Record and circulate minutes of meetings. 
4. Display copies of committee meetings in the Club House for for information of members.
5. Prepare and publish notices for AGM 
6. Record minutes of AGM 
7. Deal with correspondence on behalf of the Committee. 


1. Maintain the financial records of the Senior Section. 
2. Be responsible for the Senior Section bank account and ensure that there are at least 3 signatories to the account. 
3. Receive all monies and make all payments on behalf of the Senior Section. 
4. Ensure that the accounts are audited at the 31st July financial year end for publication at the AGM. 
5. Produce and present an accurrate and up to date finanial statement for each committee member at committee meetings. 


1. At the end of the year in conjunction with the Captain arrange dates of competitions and section matches for the forthcoming year. 
2. Liaise with the Club Competition Secretary for the fixtures to be published in the Club directory in January each year. 
3. Provide the Golf Club Manager with a copy of the fixtures. 
4. Post notices on the notice board inviting entries for forthcoming competitions. 
5. Publish draw for competitions on the notice board and on the Seniors website 
6. Supervise the running of competitions. 
7. In liaison with the Handicap Sec ensure that the results of qualifying competitions are published on HowDidIDo website. 
8. Provide details of winners of competitions to the Treasurer. 


1. Utilise the Club’s Handicap System to :- a. Imput and create all Senior Qualifying Competitions onto the system. b. Close all competitions, produce and publish the results. c. Imput competition cardsin the event of a system failure. d. Imput cards for Handicaps for all new members. e. Imput all Senior Supplementary cards. f. Produce Handicap Certificatesand /or playing records. g. Add new members to the system. 
2. Liaise with the Club Handicap Secretary For the Annual review of handicaps. 
3. Recommend by notice of required Senior Handicap changes, to committee for approval. 
4. Present report at Senior Committee Meetings and AGM. 


1. Contact all visiting teams and advise them of Welton Seniors contact details. 
2. Arrange dates of all friendly team matches in conjunction with the Seniors Captain and the Competition Secretary. 
3. Liaise with the Competition Secretary and the Club Competition Secretary for the fixtures and competitions to be published in the Club’s Fixture List booklet in January each year. 
4. In consultation with the Seniors Captain ensure that the Golf Club Manager is provided with a copy of the agreed fixtures. 


1. To support fellow committee members and assist those who hold office as appropriate. 
2. Listen to members and raise any of their concerns at committee meetings 
3. Act in a fair and reasonable manner towards fellow committee members and members of the Senior Section.