We are pleased to confirm the reopening of Welton Manor Golf course on Monday 29th March. We look forward to welcoming all our members and golfers back to Welton Manor and would like to thank you all for your patience and understanding throughout the lockdown period.

The golf course will open from 7am each day for bookings only. Tee times can be booked by phoning the golf reception 01673 861888, bookings will be allowed up to 14 days in advance. All members that have booked a tee time, and do not show up, must still pay their appropriate fee, unless the course is closed. Tee times will be available between 7am – 7pm at eight minute intervals, with a maximum of 4 balls. There will also be tee times available throughout everyday for non members. We will be operating under the England Golf latest guidelines, PLAY SAFE, STAY SAFE. 

Social distancing of a minimum of 2 metres must be practiced at all times, with no social gatherings of any size either at the club house or on the course. A face covering must be worn indoors at all times unless you are exempt. The safety and wellbeing of all our members, visitors and staff is of paramount importance to us at all times. We ask for all our members and visitors to adhere to England Golf / Welton Manor guidelines at all time. Only golfers who have pre booked tee times should enter the premises. Tee times are to be strictly adhered to. Unfortunately, if you are late for your booking, you will not be able to play. Under no circumstances is play allowed outside of the booking hours and without pre booking / permission. 

The golf reception and toilet facilities will be open, but the Falconer and Bar will be closed for the foreseeable future.  All golfers should leave their trolleys in the gravel trolley park on arrival, adjacent to the putting green. Golfers should then report to the golf reception via the entrance door, 10 minutes before their designated tee slot, and exit through the golf reception side door to the lobby, then via the patio doors in the conservatory on the way to the first tee. There will strictly only be allowed 2 people in the golf reception area at any one time. Likewise, a maximum of 6 people will be allowed in the conservatory area. It is necessary for at least one member of your group to check in at the reception desk, and either use the official NHS Covid-19 app or sign in the register book on the reception desk. We advise all golfers to bring their own pens / pencils for signing in at the reception or for marking their cards. It is also advisable that all golfers should bring their own hand sanitizer. Can all golfers pay green fees using contactless wherever possible. If not, please have the correct change to reduce the handling of cash.

The changing rooms will be closed except for the toilets. Please ensure you are dressed appropriately before entering the premises, and shoes are changed in the car park. If you arrive more than 15 minutes prior to your tee time, please can you wait in your cars.

There should only be 1 group on any tee at the same time. Do not enter the tee area until all members of the group in front have played their tee shots and have left the tee box area. Also do not play through the group in front, and avoid slow play at all times, any lost balls should be declared quickly to avoid unnecessary delays. 

  • Golfers should leave the flag in the hole at all times, and for general play there will be no rakes on the course to reduce cross contamination. Golfers should make every effort to smooth the sand in the bunkers using your club / feet.
  • Ball washers must remain covered up. 
  • The hole cup will be left upside down in order to avoid the ball dropping below the surface of the putting green, and can be easily retrieved by handling the ball only. 
  • To ensure social distancing is taking place, and golfers are following the recommended procedures, there will be marshals /staff carrying out regular checks on the course, car park and clubhouse. Any volunteer marshals would be must appreciated.
  • Golfers must adhere to social distancing of at least 2 metres apart when walking to retrieve their ball, searching for a ball, and playing shots. 
  • Golfers must not touch stray balls, or anyone else’s clubs/bags etc 
  • Handshakes are prohibited 
  • Golfers should leave the course via the captain’s car park immediately after playing the 18th hole. Under no circumstances should any golfer leave the course via the old exit path way near the clubhouse. 
  • Takeaway tea and coffee will be available at the golf reception when you are booking in.
  • Buggies should be booked in advance. They should generally be for solo use only. Golfers from the same household may still share a buggy. These are £12 for members and £15 for non-members.

Driving Range 

Operational procedures For Welton Manor Driving Range:

  • Collect a sanitised basket from the golf reception (A £5.00 deposit will be required)
  • Obtain range balls from the machine as usual
  • Only use the cleaned range balls from the machine – DO NOT use unwashed golf balls that lay on or around the range area 
  • When finished return the basket to the golf reception (Collect your £5 deposit)

The prices are as follows: £2 for 25 balls, £3 for 50 and £5 for 100 balls.

Safe use procedures for Welton Manor Driving Range

  • Ensure safe distancing of two metres at all times 
  • NO club sharing
  • Avoid touching hard surfaces unnecessarily
  • Observe personal hygiene by using wipes & sanitizer (not provided)
  • Avoid changing the Tee height or ensure that you wipe the Tee before and after use
  • Left hand players use the 1st bay only (to avoid directly facing player in next bay)
  • Avoid holding general discussions inside the range area – Better to move into a more open area (This point does not apply to the PGA coaching staff)

Golf Coaching will be available again from Thursday 14th May 2020. To Book Please contact: Gary Leslie – Mobile: 07986 930854 or email: gary.leslie@ntlworld.com

ALL GOLFERS ARE RESPECTIVELY REQUESTED TO ADHERE TO ALL OF THE ABOVE PROCEDURES AT ALL TIMES.  This is to ensure that we are able to continue to remain open. 


Golfers suffering from, or experiencing any symptoms of COVID -19, must stay away from the premises. 

We will keep you updated on a regular basis of any further updates.   Thank you for your cooperation.