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My coaching philosophy is to: “Coach the person (not a method), stimulate enquiry & encourage exploration”.

Tuition prices from £25 for 30 minutes please contact Gary so we can identify a specific coaching package to suit your needs.

New for 2021 season: Video coaching technology & GC2 Launch Monitor Data, assisting an evidence based approach to learning & feedback from £33 for 45 minutes. (Please note range balls not included in the price of lesson).

Tuition sessions available on the course or on the range, ask for details.

I look forward to working with you on your game – Vouchers available for all occasions & for any amount

Hi my name is Gary Leslie. I qualified as a golf professional in 1982 & have coached here at Welton Manor G.C. since early 1999. Combining working within the Golf & Higher Education sectors, I currently act as a consultant to the PGA being a mentor to aspiring professionals & a foundation degree marker within Business Management. Prior experiences include working for 12 years at the University of Lincoln within the School of Sport & Exercise Science, for the last five years as a Senior Lecturer. In 2005 I was awarded the honour of ‘Fellow of the PGA’ & from December 2020 the title of ‘Specialist Professional’.

Here at Welton Manor G.C we welcome all standards of player, from beginner to scratch handicap.  It is important to state that I do not coach a method as such, my preference & coaching philosophy is to work with the player in order to gain best performance from the player’s capabilities. In that sense I will not expect you to perform swing movements that you will find difficult to repeat or to copy certain players that do not have the same physical make up as you. Instead we will work together to negotiate a plan for improvement.

The swing movements we make become engrained in our muscle memory therefore from the beginner stage it is vital to nurture desirable swing patterns that lead toward a cultured repeatable swing that allows us to get the best result as often as possible. Often small elements of the stance, posture, aim, takeaway, backswing, transition, impact, through-swing or finish affect follow on elements within the swing chain. Fixing simple but often hard to identify faults are all it takes to get better results & to feel more confident/comfortable in ourselves.

Investing some time & money into you & your golf swing can be a rewarding & interesting journey.  The multi science approach that elite golfer’s use which includes employing experts in: swing/putting/short game/psychology/physiology/nutrition breaks any stigma that existed in getting some help with what can often be a confusing & yes frustrating game. Small changes can often bring big rewards.

I hope you are getting a sense of what you can expect from your golf lesson with me? Full, considered attention & a clear program for your development.

We can conduct the lessons either on the range or on the course dependant on your requirements. The 10 bay floodlit range offers the opportunity to practice year round & the course as we all know is a year round course & rarely closes. So now is the perfect time to commence your golfing development & I would be delighted to be part of that.

Please contact me: Gary Leslie – mobile: 07986 930854 or email:

Junior Classes available – Please see notices at the Golf Club for specific times & costs. If you would like more details of our junior programme please contact Gary:

Contact details: Mobile 07986 930854 –  Email

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